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The Art of Eurasia”

The concept of the journal

The editorial board set two main objectives. First, create a platform for the presentation of works by artists, architects, sculptors, representatives of various artistic movements of the Eurasian space. Second, re-raise the eternal questions — about art as such, its essence, problems and issues; as well as to remind how these matters were dealt with in the works of outstanding thinkers. And, thirdly, to promote cultural dialogue and mutual exchange, joint projects in the field of art, which unites people across the artificial divisions and national borders.

The main language of the journal is Russian, but on the English page, in addition to the abstracts, some articles are submitted in English.

Start year: 2015

Frequency: quarterly

Publisher: self-employed Belokurova Sofja Michailovna


  • The Regional Branch of the Russian Academy of ArtsUral, Siberia and Far East”

  • Altai State Technical University named by I.I. Polzunov

  • State Art Museum of Altai Region

  • self-employed Belokurova Sofja Michailovna

Address: 46 Lenina prospect, Barnaul 656038, Russian Federation, UNESCO International Department of the Altai State Technical University. Email: Eurasiaart@yandex.ru

Editorial Council:

  • Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts — Chairman of the Board

  • Sergey E. Anoufriev, secretary of the Russian Union of Artists in the SFD, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts — Deputy Chairman of the Board

  • Tatiana A. Kochemasova, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts

  • Margarita V. Khabarova, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

  • Om Chand Handa, Professor, Doctor of History and Literature, director of the Indian-American NGO «Infinity Foundation”, an honorary member of the society “Kalp” (India)

  • Uranchimeg Dorjsuren, Professor of the Mongolian State University of Culture (Mongolia)

  • Tszyaozhen Fu, president of the China-Russian Academy of Fine Arts (China)

The editorial staff:

  • Mikhail Yu. Shishin, Doctor of philosophy, art-critic, Professor of the Altai State Technical University — Editor in Chief

  • Sofja M. Belokurova, candidate of philosophy (Ph.D), Associate Professor of the Altai State Technical University — editor of foreign authors

  • Irina V. Fotieva, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Altai State University — Stilist Editor, scientific translation of texts

  • Karina A. Kamenskaya — Art Director

  • Grigory A. Sokolov — System Administrator

Correspondent points:

In the Far East region (Russia): Olga I. Zotova, Associate Professor of the Far Eastern Federal University, Executive Secretary of the Primorsky branch of the Russian Creative Public Organization “Union of Artists of Russia”, e-mail: zotova-o@yandex.ru , tel. 8 (423) 241 11 94

In India: Pankaj Gupta, Doctor of biology, Professor, researcher at the Institute of integrated Himalayan Studies in the University Himachal Pradesh, vice president of the NGO “Kalp” (India), e-mail: pkpmahajan@yahoo.co.in

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